When you ask about wellness there are a number of options to consider. Are you looking to go ALL IN or let’s start with a few items or ideas. Either way we can help and ensure your Wellness offering satisfies not only your goals & objectives but ACA requirements.

Swift Kennedy works with employers to implement a program specifically aligned with their goals. Companies of all sizes experience the results of successful program as evidenced by controlling health care costs and a marked advancement in employee productivity and morale.

  • Sales expertise with employer analysis, presentations and proposal development

  • Documented and detailed on-boarding and implementation

  • Multi-disciplinary Account Management team

  • Development and interpretation of company based metrics

  • Measurement and reporting of verified activities

  • Regularly scheduled assessments of results

  • Proactive approach to employee engagement

  • Coordination with benefits and payroll vendors

  • Assistance with Health Fairs

  • Assimilation of multiple fitness devices to include Apple, Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone