Federal COBRA Compliance:

COBRA continuation coverage laws are administered by several agencies.  The Departments of Labor and Treasury have jurisdiction over private-sector health group health plans.  The Department of Health and Human Services administers the continuation coverage law as it affects public-sector health plans.The Labor Department's interpretive and regulatory responsibility is limited to the disclosure and notification requirements of COBRA

The Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury, has issued regulations on COBRA provisions relating to eligibility, coverage and premiums in 26 CFR Part 54, Continuation Coverage Requirements Applicable to Group Health Plans.  Both the Departments of Labor and Treasury share jurisdiction for enforcement of these provisions.The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services offers information about COBRA provisions for public-sector employees.


Federal COBRA:

The U.S. Department of Labor's program for the review of denials of the COBRA premium reduction under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has ended. The COBRA premium reduction was available for individuals who experienced involuntary terminations on or before May 31, 2010. The COBRA premium reduction under ARRA is not available for individuals who experience involuntary terminations after May 31, 2010; therefore the eligibility period for the subsidy has passed.


US Department of Labor:

The Department of Labor (DOL) administers and enforces more than 180 federal laws. These mandates and the regulations that implement them cover many workplace activities for about 10 million employers and 125 million workers.


Pennsylvania Mini COBRA:

On June 10, 2009, [Act 2 of 2009] was signed into law to help address the growing need to extend health care options for those newly unemployed. Employees laid off by small employers are now eligible for state Mini-COBRA benefits. Prior to this, only those who worked for companies employing more than 20 people were eligible for federal COBRA benefits.  These benefits extend health coverage under the employer’s insurance plan. This also means that the 65 percent reduction in COBRA premiums authorized under the new federal stimulus law will now apply to Mini-COBRA benefits for workers laid off from small businesses, for up to nine months.



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