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How can you retain Swift Kennedy & Associates services?

There is no “typical” contract used to retain an insurance broker on your behalf. Swift Kennedy & Associates is an independent agency that works with a wide range of carriers to provide the best products for your employee benefits programs. Providing your current carrier(s) with a letter that names Swift Kennedy & Associates as your “Broker of Record” will allow us to work on your behalf. Finding benefit plans, premiums, and networks that meet your specific needs is what you expect from your broker. We take it steps further and provide many VALUE ADDED SERVICES that better engage your entire company in the selected benefits plans. In addition, we provide ACA Compliance documentation to ensure that your business meets the requirements.  

How is Swift Kennedy & Associates compensated for our services?

Insurance brokers and consultants are paid in a variety of ways. For smaller businesses, the commissions are typically built into the premiums. For larger cases (generally over 100 employees), the commission is a percentage of the premium based on the services needed to meet the companies' expectations. These commissions are outlined in the proposal to ensure that the clients' goals and objectives are achieved.

In addition, Swift Kennedy & Associates provides consulting services. These services are generally focused on group employee benefit program offerings and compliance. Clients may also purchase our online benefit program for a monthly management fee. We handle the entire process from data import, online enrollments, and enrollment additions to changes and terminations -- and much more.  

Your plan renewal dates do not affect your ability to retain our broker services. You can easily change to Swift Kennedy & Associates at any time during your plan year.

If your current broker is well compensated but provides little more than an annual visit at renewal, consider the added value that Swift Kennedy & Associates services would bring to your business.

We can provide a Broker of Record letter for your convenience.

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