Small companies typically do not have the resources to focus on benefits and rely upon their broker to handle many or all of their benefit management functions. With the onset of Healthcare reform the need for broker services has increased dramically. A recent survey by ________ reported 7_% of companies are not comfortable _______________.  By utilizing a licensed agent companies have security knowing Swift Kennedy & Associates have reviewed options in the public marketplace (exchange) and private marketplace (direct) with carrier.

Understanding healthcare reform allows our staff to take advantage of cost savings intiatives that may be missed by going direct to the carrier/marketplace or using a broker that doesnt understand reform could end up costing you more in premiums! In addition, we anticpate new markets will be created that will present additional opportuntiies and costs savings.

Small companies can also take advantage of Swift Kennedy & Associates online resources for HR, ____,  etc..

In addition to providing a full clients with a full servive benefts package, Swift Kennedy & Associates provides compliance measures to ensure benefit offering meet the clients' needs while maintaining PPACA compliant.