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Yvonne Bachert's Profile and Contact Information

Yvonne Bachert
Click here to contact Yvonne Bachert B2B Development
Wilkes Barre Office
Office Number (570) 825-2288 Ext. 230
Toll Free Number (800) 503-7750
Fax Number (800) 920-7992
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Yvonne is instrumental at providing prospective clients with their first Swift Kennedy & Associates experience.  She reaches out to various market segments and explores many of the challenges facing businesses offering Group Employee Benefit plans.  Yvonne maintains her PA license for life, accident and health and is very knowledgeable in Health Care Reform.  She is a dedicated benefits representative guiding prospects through the entire process, from first point of contact to new client.  She has been part of the Swift Kennedy & Associates team since 2011.  Prior to joining the agency, she spent 17 years as a recruiter.