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Healthcare reform has presented many new challenges for businesses and individuals wishing to purchase health insurance or simply renew their current policy. Our staff is well versed in the law and has spent countless hours training and meeting with lawmakers, carriers, CPAs and attorneys to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and that the options we recommend meet the goals and objectives of our clients and prospective clients.

As President of Swift Kennedy & Associates, I have also spent time in Washington and Harrisburg meeting with legislators and sharing many of the concerns that consumers have with the Healthcare Reform legislation.  In addition, I represent a very small percentage of brokers & consultants who are Certified as Healthcare Reform Specialists. This certification has helped provide very important insights about the Affordable Care Act and, more importantly, about how the law affects your business!

In today's insurance arena, EXPERIENCE should be a driving factor when considering an agency or consultant.  At Swift Kennedy & Associates, our consultants average 20 years experience!  We know the industry and what it takes to get the appropriate policies and premiums for our clients.

Our staff is well positioned to review all the options available to you both in and outside of the Marketplace.

On behalf of the staff at Swift Kennedy & Associates, we look forward to showing you how We Do Benefits Differently and to streamlining your group employee benefit offerings! 


Jerry Calistri | President 

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